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Transform your outbound sales using automation and AI.

traditional outbound sales is broken.

Are you struggling to generate enough leads and sales opportunities through your outbound prospecting efforts? Traditional cold calling and emailing techniques are broken, leaving you with unqualified leads and no-shows. Maybe you spend more time planning email and call sequences than making sales. While great for meeting potential clients, even events may not always yield the desired results and are expensive. You may have tried different approaches, such as sending videos or personalized gifts, but these still fall short.Traditional outbound sales are broken and need transformation. The frustration with traditional methods, relying on automated sequences, generic emails, and spray-and-pray approaches doesn't work anymore. Despite consuming significant time and resources, these methods fail to deliver meaningful engagement with prospects to generate leads, pipeline, and sales.

not generating enough pipeline and burning through cash?

Companies investing in outbound sales teams and solutions miss significant growth opportunities. Maintaining these ineffective strategies is costly not only in terms of financial resources but also in terms of the potential for growth that is slipping through your fingers.The expenses of sales development teams, Account Executives spending time prospecting, and the negative impact on marketing, sales operations, and leadership can be high. In addition, add to that the cost of a sales technology stack and the missed opportunities that you could have closed. This could be why you're struggling to grow your business and get a positive return on investment from your outbound sales.

Reduce manual research and sales tasks from days to minutes.

Are you tired of spending days on manual tasks or processes, like doing proper research or writing personalized emails, that never get completed?Enter automation and AI. You can automate manual tasks and research, allowing your teams to focus on high-value activities. With AI, you can assign AI agents to precisely target prospects and craft personalized campaigns that resonate, identifying opportunities previously out of reach.Imagine telling an AI agent to "search the internet for your ideal customer with laser focus, explain what you want it to find and what information you are looking for, and automatically write personalized outbound emails that include what conferences they are attending next." It may seem like a dream, but it's already possible.

10x your outbound sales results with automation and ai.

Create and run outbound sales campaigns with AI that you would never otherwise do because you can't justify the business expense. For example, do you know what tradeshows your key prospects are going to next? This would take days to research manually or never be done at all. With AI, you can find out in under a minute.By leveraging automation and AI, you'll see a boost in your responses, leads, qualified meetings, and sales. You'll transform your outbound sales from ineffective and costly to effective and efficient.

here are a few ways saas stars can help you.

Ready to take your outbound sales to the next level with automation and AI? We offer comprehensive coaching, training, and outbound sales services to transform your outbound sales. With our help, you can expect a 10x improvement in your outbound sales.Our experienced team has witnessed the evolution of outbound sales, and we're here to help you revolutionize your outbound sales process. While introducing outbound platforms and sequences changed the game a decade ago, not many advancements have been made since.However, everything is changing thanks to the evolution of automation and AI. Our coaching and training will guide you and your team in transforming your outbound sales. You no longer have to spend countless days researching or hours building new sequences for personalized emails. With our help, you can now focus on your ideal customer, automate personalized outbound at scale, and run sales plays that you didn't think were possible.

1:1 CoachingOneOne$347
Small Team TrainingUp to 3Two$997
Large Team TrainingUp to 7Three$1,497
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